Leadership Training

This one-day training for clergy, congregational staff and members provides participants with the overview of the congregational team ministry model. Participants learn of current applicable research, differing roles of the faith community, levels of congregation involvement, and expectations of one another – clergy and lay leadership. Participants also receive information on how a team ministry relates to the congregation and to the community, how to identify and address barriers. Clergy and team facilitators receive ministry guides to start this service to the congregational community. Guidance is offered on how to recruit a team, gain congregational support, and initiate a prevention and recovery support ministry. Goal: To equip participants with adequate information to take the next steps in developing a congregational prevention and recovery support team ministry. Learning Objectives As a result of this training, participants will be better able to:
  • Understand the role of the congregation in addressing substance use disorders through prevention and recovery support;
  • Explain the work of a prevention and recovery ministry team;
  • Recognize the role of leadership (both clergy and laity) in developing a congregational team ministry;
  • Identify the barriers to starting this ministry; and,
  • Describe specific steps for the initial development of a team ministry.
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