Distance Learning

The development of Distance Learning Training Series as a service delivery model uses supplementary educational materials including ministry guides, a video series, PowerPoint Presentations, and additional training activities. This model will provide remote congregations with a cost-effective method to utilize the training, educational materials, and other resources of Faith Partners. These efforts can provide a unique ministry of presence in the areas of prevention, early intervention, referral assistance, recovery support, and advocacy in congregations that would otherwise not have any resources.

Video 1 “The Role of Faith”

Video 2 “Clergy Perspective”

Video 3 “The Continuum of Use”

Video 4 “Scope of the Ministry”

Video 5 “Team Roadmap”

Video 6 “Sample Activities”

Video 7 “Defining Readiness”

Video 8 “Readiness Tools & Strategies”

Video 9: “Building Congregational Support”

Video 10: “National Study

Video 11 “Team Member Capacity”

Video 12: “Developing a Relational Ministry”

Video 13: “Personality Styles”

Video 14: “Team Developmental Stages”

Video 15: “Team Education”

Video 16: “Team Planning”

Video 17: Mission Statement”

Video 18: “Prevention Overview”

Video 19: “Risk & Protective Factors”

Video 20: “Evaluation Overview”

Video 21: “Stages of Change”

Video 22: “Behaviors of Concern”

Video 23: “Sharing Concern”

Video 25: “Recovery Support Principles”

Video 26: Recovery Support Models”

Video 27: “Recovery Worship Service” (part one)

Video 28: “Recovery Worship Service” (part two)

Video 29: “Final Planning”

Video 30: Ministry Promotion

Video 31: Resource Development

Video 32: Team Renewal

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