What Congregational Leaders Say:

“Training churches in how to implement the Faith Partners model has been one of the most fulfilling and exciting jobs I have ever done. The model is flexible enough to fit any faith community and I have never seen a congregation who couldn’t use it to meet the needs of its members”.- Jan Tipton, Past Director of Prevention Services

“The Faith Partners Ministry has helped Tulsa St. Paul’s UMC develop a higher level of love and understanding. The openness about problems like addiction, mental illness, abuse has led to a richer relationship with God and with our fellow travelers in this world. We have walked paths with troubled souls, including parents with children who are addicts, victims of sex abuse, sexual abusers to name a few.” – Dr. Margaret White, Faith Partners Team Facilitator

“A Faith Partners Team Ministry is the link between the recovery movement and the local community of faith. These teams allow for connections to be made and brokenness healed.” – Dr.Thomas M Holmes, Director, Covenant Ministry Services, Lima, OH

“Faith Partners has played a vital role in our capacity building and sustainability efforts in Tulsa County. Its unique multifaceted approach has allowed us to partner with faith-based organizations that have the ability to foster physical and social change along with considerable resources that serve those highly affected or vulnerable to substance abuse and/or misuse.” – Kathryn Rodriguez, Certified Prevention Specialist, Tulsa Health Department

What Attendees Say:


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