Healing Places Book

This updated book is the text for the Faith Partners Team building ministry. In recent years, Faith Partners has enhanced a team ministry model that engages lay congregational members in awareness, referral and support for individuals and families afflicted and affected by alcoholism and drug addiction. This book is the story of that work and a resource document for its replication. The authors bring a passion for this work drawn from abundant restoration of human potential and a skill for contextual program design and teaching. Trish Merrill, founder of Faith Partners, is a public health nurse with broad and varied experience in parish service and public policy. Johnny Allem, past-president for the Johnson Institute, brings a career in journalism, business, government, and non-profit management.

  • The accepted view of alcoholism as a treatable disease
  • Barriers to remove in order to facilitate healing
  • How Faith Teams can work in a healing environment
  • How to organize a team ministry
  • Leadership training ideas for the team ministry
  • How to deliver specific services to the congregation and community
  • The role of pastors as coaches
  • How to nurture change for everyone, especially people in difficulty
  • Ideas to honor the fact and people of recovery
Testimonial about Healing Places Book
John Doe
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