Congregational Readiness Toolkit

The Congregational Readiness Toolkit is the first step to starting a Faith Partners Team. Find out if your congregation could benefit from a congregational team that helps individuals and families with prevention, early intervention, referral assistance, recovery support, and advocacy related to alcohol and other drug problems. Use this step-by-step guide to educate your leadership, stimulate volunteer interest, evaluate your opportunity, and start to initiate this proven ministry or service in your congregation. Each Congregational Readiness Toolkit includes:

  • Brochures detailing the Faith Partners’ team services
  • A copy of the Healing Places book describing the team development process
  • A copy of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the team ministry and service with the congregation
  • Multiple articles from archives of Faith Partners Journal on team experiences and information on how other congregations and faith traditions initiated congregational teams
  • Congregational Toolkit Guide describing action steps for personal preparation for leadership, creating supportive leadership, strategies for promotion to the congregation, and consultation with Faith Partners
  • Telephone consultation with Faith Partners staff
Testimonial about Congregational Readiness Toolkit
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